Susan Coussens Artist

I am a Fellow of the Digswell Arts Trust which is a long standing Charity who help emerging artists by providing affordable studio space for up to 5 years. 

As a graduate of the University of Bedfordshire with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (2015) I am a figurative artist and with the philosophy of “the more I paint the more I learn” I am still finding my voice and mastering the craft of painting.  I also believe that as artists we hold a unique position in society in that through our art we can reflect on current issues and take a view of what is happening around us.

My current work shows a keen interest in the Renaissance with a modern twist and merges the modern with the traditional to create a painting that reflects both of realism and graphic images.

Susan Coussens : 2018

BA (Hons) Fine Art - 2015

Fellow Disgswell Art Trust - current